This Barber Backpack is engineered/designed to be the ultimate backpack for barbers and stylists. Easily fit all your tools and accessories into this sleek top of the line bag. Equipped with a custom crafted internal compartment with protective pockets and straps, which can hold clippersscissors, and other barber and hairstylist tools.The barber backpack can hold at least ten (10) custom cut individual pockets for barber clipper guards, has waterproof zippers, a mirror and/or Laptop Compartment, Custom designed mesh pockets and slots for: scissors, combs, clips, and other barber and/or hair stylist tools. A built-in neck strip dispenser, Reinforced double stitched handles with top metal reinforcement, custom compartments to hide backpack straps, a built-in anti-theft combination security lock, and more!

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This Barber and hair Stylist Backpack is designed to be the ultimate essential for any barber and/or hair stylist. It’s thoughtful design allows users to conveniently transport and protect their tools while on the go. With one easy zip you can access your tools and allowing for an easy setup anywhere. Hand craft from top of the line materials with security, functionality, and reliability being top priorities!

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Resources and tools make a huge difference in achieving success in anything you choose do. Getting started as a barber and/or hair stylist can be a daunting task financially. We want to help and we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Constantly Carving to conduct routine Barber Backpack giveaways!


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