All NEW Design!

This Barber Backpack is engineered/designed to be the ultimate backpack for barbers and stylists to easily protect all your barber tools and/or accessories, and effortlessly take them with you on the go. Equipped with a custom crafted internal compartments, waterproof materials, a reinforced aluminum handle, a built in security lock, & protective pockets, buckles, and straps, which can hold clippersscissors, and other essential barber and hairstylist tools. 

TSA approved as a carry-on and perfect for mobile barbers/stylists!

SALE - Barber Backpack 2 side angle

a premium barber backpack engineered/designed to be the ultimate backpack for barbers and stylists. Easily fit all your tools and accessories into this sleek top of the line bag. Equipped with custom crafted internal compartments, and pockets, with straps and buckles, to protect barber clippers, scissors, and other tools.


The general is discontinued

The Barber Backpack team is dedicated to providing a barber backpack at the most competitive prices possible, and unfortunately not everyone shares our goal of enabling young barbers/hair-stylists/entrepreneurs. As a result, we no longer carrying the “General” backpack.

Instead, we’ve developed the New Barber Backpack. Sleek, secure, reliable, and tsa approved!