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‘Master’ Barber Backpack 'Master' Barber Backpack
$220.00 $100.00 Crafted with only premium waterproof materials and designed by master barbers with ease of use, reliability, durable, and comfort in mind. Each bag is hand crafted with durable zippers double stitched where needed for extra support. The custom designed internal and external compartments enable barbers and hair stylists to easily and secure their clippers,... Add to Cart
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‘Master’ Barber Backpack (Dual Pack) 'Master' Barber Backpack (Dual Pack)
$240.00 $200.00 premium barber backpack with waterproof materials, built in security lock, straps, buckles, & compartments to store clippers, scissors, brushes, and tools. Add to Cart
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Barber Starter Kit Barber Starter Kit
$375.00 $280.00 The Barber Starter Kit is just what it's labeled to be. A great starter kit for Barbers and/or Hair Stylists anywhere! Quality sourced produces, packed in a brand new Barber Backpack, and ready to go!


1 x Barber Backpack
1 x Kemei 1986 Clipper (Select Gold or Silver)
1 x Kemei 1971 Clipper
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Master Barber Backpack House Calls Just Got Easier! Give your arms a rest
Barber BackpackBarber Backpack Internal Clipper Compartment Perfect for any Barber! Custom slots, clips, and compartments for optimal security of your valuables!
Barber Backpack: Charge on the Go! Charge on the go! Connect to your internal power bank, stay charged, and never miss an opportunity!
The Barber Backpack TSA Approved lock Secure your valuable tools!

The ‘Master’ Barber Backpack is a premium grade backpack made specifically for barbers, hairstylists, cosmeticians, and other grooming & beauty professionals. Easily secure and protect your valuable clippers, guards, shears, brushes, combs, blow dryers, drapes, hair products, and more! All Barber Backpacks are made with premium waterproof materials and designed by Master Barbers, with ease of use, reliability, durable, and comfort at the forefront of the custom design. The Barber Backpack’s unique design integrates impact absorption, protecting your valuable tools from various bumps and drops.

The Barber Backpack is the perfect asset for any hair and beauty professional and makes the perfect mobile work station for house calls, grooming on Tv and Film sets, and other mobile barber setups!

Slide SECURE SECURE Made for comfortable use
Built in anti-theft combo lock
Sturdy Aluminum Handle
The Barber Backpack SHOP TSA Approved!
Slide CUSTOM CUSTOM 10 guard slots
Cutomer made straps a clipper covers
Custom internal compartments and pockets
Double stitched handles
VIEW Barber Backpack Internal Compartment The Master Barber Backpack
Slide QUALITY QUALITY Made with Waterproof Materials
Sleek deisgn
Built in USB charging port
The Barber Backpack VIEW BACKPACK Quality Craftmanship 1 year warranty


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